Restaurante El Encuentro /The meeting)

El Encuentro


Since 1994

Make yourself at home , sit back and we will tell you the details of our kitchen, our love for the food and the little details that make up our daily lives .

It’s almost 20 years behind us , which attest to a way of doing things , cooking carefully , quietly and mostly with love and thinking of our most important asset : our customers. With a firm commitment to quality ingredients “The Meeting ” becomes the ideal place to taste traditional cuisine cooked with the most natural ingredients instead : Tolosa beans , Cantabrian anchovies or sausage of Muddy , these designations are not only that are the guarantee of a product receive daily El Encuentro to offer it to all since 1994 confide in a way to cook and work : the professionalism and buenhacer . So Welcome to The Gathering , Welcome to the traditional cuisine and a new way to discover the kitchen : the usual, the best of the best flavors and ingredients.


Our place

” El Encuentro” is located in the C / San Vicente Martir # 28 in an iconic and much local history , as housed in its basement room Casablanca, which is still preserved in very poor condition but where arabesques boxes are appreciated and equal to those of our own, and with some boxes and wall paneling of the time . At the end of the 50 closed the room and happened to be store , widow . De Miguel Roca electricals and when I closed in 70 and had no use except warehouse or office work of the adjacent building to date .

Regarding low we deal since 1994, but where we have lived since 1957 , was located on a street called Calle Meson de Teruel 8 and the disappearance of the front building was turned into Calle San Vicente 28.

After this stage , it becomes a fabric store , organza and linen fabrics wholesale “Brothers Seville” , which incorporates the local conserved even shelves, counters mobila also preserved as bars, machine cut fabric samples and box strong, and separators retain box deco style , this business closes mid 70s.

For 15 years it was closed until 94 where we begin ” Taberna El Encuentro” , to offer the owner of the farm where the family lives of the local who knew forever. It was at that time and after opening the doors when we find a closed point to 15 with the rest of the counters and shelves furniture fabric store left to die but with the charm , flavor and powder Local 60 . Fell in love with him and we decided to rent and ride a dream that we had in mind for some time : there was a Tavern in the center of Valencia. The name is owed to Antonio Gala on one of his visits to Valencia.

The intervention was complicated and limited to bathrooms and facilities as the rest of the action was to recover all the carpentry deco, original bookshelves, bar counters for reuse and restore paneling, maintaining hydraulic floors and stucco walls. Advised by the interior architect Salvador Villalba and with intent then and now look to maintain and promote the architectural heritage of the era.



local encuentro en valencia  

From Taberna Restaurante El Encuentro want to thank our friend Salvador Velez Villalba for their support and help since 1994 in the interior, and author of some of the photographs on our website and our social profiles found.

Thank Salva!